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THORS Treatment- Residential Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

Addiction Treatment Center in San Clemente
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Addiction Free Resolution

The start of a new year is the perfect time for fresh motivation and new goals to get your life back on track. There is no better time than now to break free from addiction by making an addiction free resolution. Here are some helpful tips heading into the New Year to ...

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Detox Program from The House of the Rising Son
Every step in the substance abuse recovery process presents its own challenges. However, none of those challenges are as severe as what patients face during the first few days or weeks of their recovery. This is when the body purges itself of the sub...

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Residential Rehab at The House of the Rising Son
For patients who choose it, residential rehab is one of the most important parts of the substance abuse recovery process. It’s where you’ll develop the skills that you need to maintain your sobriety in perpetuity. However, not all residential rehab...

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Explore The House of the
Rising Son
The House of the Rising Son has a luxurious private treatment center in beautiful Southern California. The building has an ocean view, which makes it easy to enjoy long walks on the beach during your treatment. Even better, every bedroom in our house is equippe...

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Why Choose The House of
the Rising Son?
Located in Southern California, The House of the Rising Son is a full-service treatment center for substance abuse recovery. We do it all, from medical detox to personalized residential rehab to in-depth aftercare treatment.

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3 weeks ago
THORS stands out amongst a pool of treatment centers in Orange County. One of the key differences is the integrity of its owner and their desire to have a positive impact on the greater community. They have chosen to be above reproach with how they run their center. Many treatment center are a sore thumb in the neighborhoods they settle in. This is not the case with THORS. Neighbors often turn into ally’s or at the very least cool down because they see the genuineness of the ownership. Not to mention they help impact lives that actually desire to be impacted. Treatment requires humility, desire to change and a quality environment. THORS provides the quality environment, so are you willing and humble?
- Darmon D
3 weeks ago
In my experience in working with the CEO everything he says he does and follows through with complete integrity which we don't seen too much in the addiction treatment field. I work on the business side of the rehab space not the clinical side. As my mentor said to me "how you do anything is how you do everything," if he says he can execute he does. A beautiful location over looking the Pacific Ocean. We've see some of the negative reviews and I've gotten them myself when I refused to give a competitor a proposal to do the work they want to take from me because they have zero experience in the space. Call THORS and go with your gut, they deliver.
- Jim P
3 weeks ago
The heart of the staff members working at this treatment center is truly amazing. They work really hard in helping people who have fall into addictions. I truly enjoy working with Thors Treatment Center and seeing the transformation taking place in my life. They made it possible for me to detox and learn to live a life of freedom. I am so very thankful and grateful for this treatment center and everything that they have done for me and my life.
- Emily R

Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment

All across the globe, many individuals suffer from alcohol addiction as well as other drug-related conditions. Sadly, there aren't nearly enough institutions combating the dire situation. As a result, several drug addicts have ended up being outcast by their families, losing their jobs, and quite a number have even lost their lives due to drug-induced complications. However, The House of the Rising Son LLC is a rising rehabilitation center dedicated to helping as many addicts as possible.

About The Center

Located in El Levante, San Clemente, The House of the Rising Son LLC has assisted several recovering drug addicts in regaining their footing. Established to support our patients turn over a new leaf in their respective lives, we are committed to the full recuperation of our guests. Through the helping hands of our top-notch counselors, many of our guests have been able to get better and are nowadays leading healthy lives.
In line with the founding principles of our rehabilitation center, we believe that no person is beyond recovery and that there is hope for everyone. We love and cherish all of our clients and are entirely devoted to working hand in hand with them as they struggle to regain their independence.

Treatment Programs

Dedicated to ensuring the betterment of all our guests, we have diversified our treatment programs to cater to each patient who visits us. At our doorsteps, no one is chased away, but instead, everyone is welcome. Here are some of the quality programs we offer.

Alcohol Rehab

A leading source of addiction all over the world, alcohol has ruined the lives of so many individuals. Many alcoholics have had their once bright lives dimmed due to their excessive love for drinking. However, this doesn't always have to be the case. Given that we have well-trained specialists who've got decades of experience in assisting alcoholics to recover, we are more than capable of assisting you or those around you who might need our help. For quality alcohol rehabilitation programs, we are the right place to contact.

Alcohol Detox

As much as alcohol addiction usually commences as occasional drinking with friends and family, people with the condition don't normally know when to stop. Various international approved surveys have noted that sudden withdrawal from alcohol can negatively affect healthy brain functions. To mitigate the withdrawal effects, it's usually advisable that you cut down on the alcohol under the supervision of experienced specialists such as us. Our skilled addiction experts have enforced a brilliant and comprehensive detoxification program which helps patients remove the toxins brought about by extreme alcohol consumption. With us by your side, you are confident of your recovery or that of your loved one.

Drug Rehab

It's worth noting that drugs can not only affect anyone but also through several various means. Unknown to many, prescription drugs, tranquilizers, painkillers as well as marijuana contribute more addiction cases than hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin in the USA. Being that addiction is a disease, you should know that it's nothing to be ashamed of, but instead, it's something you should seek help for. You are not alone. The first step to recovery is acceptance. By visiting us, you are afforded several treatment options by our effective rehab program. Call us today and begin your journey to full recovery.

Drug Detox

The first step to total sobriety is detoxification. Detoxification usually involves the removal of toxins from your body. Detoxification may not be as easy as it sounds, given that drug cravings usually accompany it during withdrawal. With the assistance of trained drug addiction specialists similar to ours, the process is made easier for you or your loved one. Keen on maintaining your privacy, we offer a residential based detox program. To learn more about this particular program, don't hesitate to call us as our lovely staff will answer all of your questions you may have and direct you on what steps to follow to begin your path to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

A common occurrence in California, dual diagnosis refers to a condition whereby ones mental health issue coexists with chemical dependency, usually alcohol. The disease affects over 8 million people in the USA, although less than a million people seek help for its treatment. Its key symptoms are generally clinical depression, significant changes in weight and sleeping patterns, personality changes, and disinterest in activities once found pleasurable by the victim. On most occasions, many of those with the condition believe that they cannot be helped. Furthermore, for some reason, those who seek help from trained professionals may not get better. However, if in such a predicament, it's always essential that you stay positive. Give us a try. With a proven track record of success, you can rely on us to not only get the necessary treatment needed but also the right amount of aftercare services from our qualified personnel.

Non-12-Step Recovery

The 12-step recovery is one of the most sought after treatment programs as it's attributed to having helped several alcoholics regain their healthy lives. Highly convenient and easy to integrate, the steps have helped deliver millions of addicts from the pangs of death. However, the steps may not be of help to every patient. If you are one, it's vital that you not lose hope but instead seek alternative recovery methods. At our facility, we offer non-12-step recovery services such as individual therapy sessions, group therapy meetings, weight training, aerobics, and other exercises, nutrition education and cooking classes, and a holistic treatment approach.

Benefits of Visiting Us

Here are some of the gains you acquire by visiting us.

Stable environment for recovery
Expert counselors
Peer support
Quality learning
Development of a healthy living routine

Visit Us Today

To get to enjoy our brilliant services and your life or that of your loved one back on track, simply call us, and we'll be there for you just as we've been there for plenty of our previous guests.
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